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Or "Man is angry at wall".

The grumpy and the caring 6 August 2022: My hilarious discovery when exploring Trondheim. Trespassing welcome or not.
Bonkers bank sends "swindle" sms 1 November 2021: The bizarre history of how Danske Bank (Danish Bank) does the opposite of what they say they do, playing directly into the hands of swindlers on the Internet.

Current projects

AgoRapide 2020 (ARCore) Open source library for building data-oriented backend applications using .NET / C#.
AgoRapide proposition Eliminating impedance mismatch through the property stream. Creating, storing and transporting data at the key-value level. Theoretical foundation for AgoRapide (ARCore).
ARNorthwind and ARAdventureWorksOLAP Online sample databases demonstrating query language of AgoRapide (ARCore).
Vifero Creating and browsing picture books. Built with AgoRapide (ARCore).
NordÆ Throw-away-email service demonstrating AgoRapide (ARCore).
Internet radio Giving mother-in-law a super easy Internet radio with real icon buttons.
Ditching Windows and AWS, diving into Linux and Hetzner The story about how I finally migrated my personal server from Amazon AWS / Windows to Hetzner / Ubuntu.

Old projects

AgoRapide 2017 2017. Lightweight pragmatic integrated library for creation of .NET REST APIs offering JSON, HTML, PDF and CSV views. Key-value single table database storage with data-driven entity model. Written in C# 7.0 using Visual Studio 2017.
panSL 2012. Schema-language that simplifies the development process of database-centric applications by simultaneously expressing concepts within the areas of databases, entity relations, object models, user interfaces and security.
AgoRapide.com 2012. Extremely rapid and simple database prototyping. Online implementation of panSL. No longer available online.

Poetry (in Norwegian)

Fyllenatt Family life at Møllenberg, Trondheim, Norway.


Bjørn Erling Fløtten IT-consultant.

Updated 6 August 2022.