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_MemberQuantile, TryGetP
DescriptionCan separate entities into quantiles, like Quartiles, Quintiles or Sextiles.

This is an not an expandable concept, that is, this class contains all the relevant functionality and you are not expected to implement anything specific in your ApplicationSpecificCode.

This is a one-time-use only object. It should not be reused between different API request for instance, because the first call to TryGetP caches the result (within itself) for ALL entities of given type within the data storage.

This also means that it is ESSENTIAL to use the concept of cached compound key in the C# code using this class. (the ref-parameter cachedCompoundKey to TryGetP.)
(in order to avoid all entities being evaluated every time the quantile for one entity is requested.)

Note that quantiles are calculated for alle entities, regardless of the actual selection.

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