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_MemberAddParser, FollowingFunctionKeys, Parsers, TryGetP, TryGetPInternal, TryParse, TryParseSingleWord
DescriptionA function creating new keys (new fields) for all entity object types.
Compares roughly to the concept of Extension methods in C#.
TODO: Rename into ExtensionKey

This is an expandable concept, that is, you can create your own implementations of this class in your ApplicationSpecificCode.

Note that this concept seems to have very limited potential (as of Jun 2020).
(the concept of EntityMethodKey is probably more relevant for you to use.)

In other words, there is no point in creating new implementations of NewKey when you can instead just create a TryGet{Key}-method directly in your class which gets picked up by EntityMethodKey.
Practical example: If you have a class Customer with FirstName and LastName, do not create NewKeyName, create instead Customer.TryGetName.

There are very few implementing class in StandardAgoRapideCode:
NewKeyCountP (returns the number of properties for a given entity object),
NewKeyCountPRec (returns the number of properties for a given entity object, operates recursively),
NewKeyPropertyStream (returns the PropertyStream for the given object)

TODO: Add a PK field, describing the value that is returned.

Note that will only come into play when explicit referenced, like 'SELECT *, CountP' for calling NewKeyCountP.
InterfacesARCCore.IK; -System.IEquatable`1[ARCCore.IK]-; ARCCore.ITypeDescriber; -System.IEquatable`1[ARCQuery.NewKey]-

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