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_MemberActualForeignKeys, FollowingFunctionKeys, ForeignField, ForeignStorages, ForeignTypes, TryGetP, TryGetPInternal
DescriptionCan find related values, through compound field names, like for an Order, it can find Customer.FirstName.
Can related several steps like for Device 'Hub.Customer.Name'.

This is an not an expandable concept, that is, this class contains all the relevant functionality and you are not expected to implement anything specific in your ApplicationSpecificCode.

The related value (key as specified in ForeignField can either be an ordinary property, or a NewKey / EntityMethodKey.

Note: Remember to include the foreign-key in QueryExpressionSelect like this: "Order/SELECT CustomerId, Created, Amount/WHERE Customer.FirstName = 'John'"
If you only do
"Order/SELECT Created, Amount/WHERE Customer.FirstName = 'John'"
then the link to Customer is not available.
(For the example given it would of course have been more natural to just to like this:
"Order/WHERE Customer.FirstName = 'John'/SELECT Created, Amount"

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