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DescriptionLocally generated data is not to be sent to OutsideLocalReceiver). We instead leave it to the 'outside' to decide if


A) Locally originated data should be put straight into the local 'outside' property store (typically an PRich)
NOTE: This alternative, A), is dangerous because timestamps as generated by AddTimestampToPropertyStreamAsRequired
NOTE: will not be sent to OutsideLocalReceiver in a deterministic manner compared to
NOTE: when the data is pute into the 'outside' property store.
NOTE: (in simpler words, the timestamp may come AFTER the data, leading to errors in parsing).
NOTE: Use SendToOutsideLocalReceiverRegardlessOfOrigin in order to escape this problem.


B) We should wait until it gets returned back from the CoreDB through our subscription (and being sent to the local property store through OutsideLocalReceiver).

See also SendToOutsideLocalReceiverRegardlessOfOrigin which can overrule this.
MethodSignatureBoolean HasLocalOrigin

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