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DescriptionNormally StreamProcessor inserts the required Timestamps in the AgoRapide storage.

DoNotAddTimestampWhenStoring is a hack used when synchronizing an AgoRapide storage with other databases.
Normally the synchronization is supposed to always be up-to-date, but at startup of the AgoRapide application some gap will naturally exist since the application was last shut down.
The initial synchronization at application startup can therefore utilize timestamp information from the source database, and signal through this property (DoNotAddTimestampWhenStoring) that -StreamProcessor should NOT also insert timestamps itself (because the correct timestamps are much older).

Beware that this is not an optimal solution because at application startup StreamProcessor will inevitably do some logging with up to date timestamps BEFORE synchronization starts, before older timestamps, meaning that timestamps in the AgoRapide storage (in the PropertyStream) are not sequential in rising order.

TODO: An alternative would be to just inject the new properties directly in the data storage BEFORE StreamProcessor TODO: is initialized (storing text files directly into the data storage directory without knowledge of the StreamProcessor).
TODO: BUT, if the actual synchronization status is stored within the data storage, we have a chicken-and-egg problem TODO: because then StreamProcessor would be needed in order to read the storage into memory TODO: BEFORE the synchronization takes place.
MethodSignatureBoolean DoNotAddTimestampWhenStoring

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