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DescriptionConverts a single key part of a PropertyStreamLine to a format suitable for sending over a PropertyStream.
The resulting format is supposed to be quite human-readable.

Returns a string containing only characters in AllowedPropertyStreamLineKeyPartChars.
Other characters are represented by '0x' plus their UTF-16 code value as four hex characters (like '0x0020' for space).
(0x itself is changed into 0xoooo before conversion takes place.)

Usually called from functions like -EncodeKeys-.

For instance for the following
key parts: 'Customer', '42', '+4790534333', 'Cid'
and value part: 'Actor/43'
the correct format is: Customer/42/PhoneNumber/0x002B4790534333/Cid = Actor/43
('Customer/42/PhoneNumber/0x002B4790534333/Cid' is what this function encodes.)

See also DecodeStringFromPropertyStreamFormat and EncodeValuePartStringToPropertyStreamFormat.
MethodSignatureSystem.String EncodeKeyPartStringToPropertyStreamFormat(System.String)

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