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DescriptionPacks result of parsing into a IP-derived class, suitable for sending to -AddOrUpdateP-.
Note that if result is already derived from IP then it is used directly.
Note: Method is a bit cumbersome to call from outside, -TryCleanParseAndPack- or -CleanParseAndPack- are probably better alternatives.

Note that currently PValue<T> is used for packing (unless result is already IP as already mentioned).
Corresponding 'unpacking' is done by TryGetV.

A possible future expansion of AgoRapide capabilities could be to introduce, through the BasePKAttribute mechanism, a flexible choice of how to pack the result, instead of always using PValue<T>. (We could for instance introduce a 'StandardPacker' in BasePKAttribute just like we today have StandardValidatorAndParser and StandardCleaner. If no suck packer is found, we could use a default packer that packs inside PValue<T>).

(This is the reason this method is not made static, in order to hint about this possibility and not break existing code if it ever gets introduced)
MethodSignatureARCCore.IP PackParseResultForStorageInEntityObject(ARCCore.ParseResult)

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