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DescriptionCleanup of values, to be used before value is attempted validated.

The reason for having a cleaner is to make the final user interface more user friendly. A typical error like having leading or trailing spaces in a user entered value should not result in any error message being generated, but the offending spaces should simply be string.Trim'ed away.

Originates from either:
1) The EnrichKey-implementation in ITypeDescriber (that is, as tailor made for the actual class) or
2) As a standard cleaner from a BasePKAttribute (typically from StandardCleaner).
If not found neither from 1) nor 2), then- Initialize will set a standard cleaner which will use string.Trim() (the null check below is really irrelevant)
LongDescriptionNote how Initialize modifies the value to take into account Cardinality.

See also ValidatorAndParser.
MethodSignatureSystem.Func`2[System.String,System.String] Cleaner

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