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_Member.ctor, __enum, AllEnums, Boolean TryGetFromTypeAndFieldName(System.String, ARCCore.PK ByRef), Boolean TryGetFromTypeAndFieldName(System.String, System.String, ARCCore.PK ByRef), Boolean TryGetFromTypeAndFieldName(System.Type, System.String, ARCCore.PK ByRef), BuildFromStringCache, Cardinality, Cleaner, CorrespondingClass, Equals, FromEnum, GetA, GetAllPKForEntityType, GetAllPKForEntityTypeString, GetObligatoryValuesForEntityType, GetTypeMapping, ModifyCleanerAndValidatorAndParserForCardinality, PackObjectForStorageInEntityObject, PackParseResultForStorageInEntityObject, ToString, TryCleanValidateAndParse, TryGetA, TryGetEnum, TryGetV, TryValidateAndParse, Type, ValidatorAndParser
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DescriptionPK = AgoRapide PropertyKey.

Describes properties related to an object (an entity).
In RDBMS-terms it describes the field in the schema for the table)r
Constitutes the basic element of TaggingOfPropertyKeys, and gives the IP mechanism the information it needs in order to implement PropertyAccess.

Contains collection of BasePKAttribute instances which in turn contain the actual attributes. See also TaggingOfPropertyKeys.

NOTE: This class is itself an instance of IP because we want to communicate contents of keys in a standardised manner. They can for instance be communicated to other ARNodeType through the ToPropertyStream.
InterfacesARCCore.IP; -System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[ARCCore.IKIP]-; -System.Collections.IEnumerable-; ARCCore.IK; -System.IEquatable`1[ARCCore.IK]-; ARCCore.ITypeDescriber

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