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DescriptionDescribes how 'logging' of calls to -SetP- should be done.
If not set, then logging will not be done.
Note that this is a special property not used by most implementations of IP.
It is relevant for ExposingApplicationState to the property stream.

Note that when set, parameter writeToConsole in calls to Log will be ignored (because it is assumed that the data will be written eventually through the logger-mechanism anyway).

Note how the default interface property is just a dummy property. (it is present in order to enable writing to console with the log context at call to Log).
As of Apr 2020 the only class actual supporting LogContext is PConcurrent.

See also log.
MethodSignatureSystem.Nullable`1[System.ValueTuple`2[System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[ARCCore.IK],System.Action`1[System.String]]] LogContext

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