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_MemberEnrichKey, FromCache, FromString
DescriptionIndex key for any general id, like primary-key or sequence-number or similar.
(in RDBMS-terms a primary key)

Note that if the actual id is an integer, then IKLong will be used instead of IKString.

The actual id is not expected to be unique throughout the database, but rather unique within a context, for example the value 42 could be unique within the context of Customer.

A single instance of this class can contain multiple PropertyStream-'levels', like for instance '[insert/example/here]'. This is pragmatic approach useful especially in contexts where there is no point in building up multiple IK instances for something that is going to be immediately put into the property stream anyway.
TODO: Give som actual examples of what just mentioned.

This class is immutable.
InterfacesARCCore.IK; -System.IEquatable`1[ARCCore.IK]-; ARCCore.ITypeDescriber

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