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_MemberGetAttributes, Initialize, IsDefault
BaseTypes-System.Attribute-; ARCCore.BaseAttribute; ARCCore.EnumMemberAttribute
DescriptionTODO: Rename into PKBaseAttribute?.

The class containing the actual attributes used for TaggingOfPropertyKeys.
Instances of this class are accessed through PK.

Some sub-classes included in ARCCore are PKTypeAttribute and PKLogAttribute.

Other ARComponents define their own sub-classes like:
ARCSec: -PKSecAttribute-,

You are also encouraged to create your own instances in your ApplicationSpecificCode for special needs.
TODO: One idea is a TTL (Time-to-live) tag for a property when that property constitues a command to do something
TODO: for instance turning on a switch in a IoT system (in case of communications failure somewhere in the system, queuing a series
TODO: of turn-on, turn-off, turn-on attempts would have little meaning.

NOTE / TODO: Having this class inherit EnumMemberAttribute makes for a complicated inheritance hierarchy. It might therefore be a good idea to just duplicate the function of EnumMemberAttribute into this class and letting it inherit BaseAttribute directly.

See also analogue IPAttribute which describes classes (describes at class levels).
InterfacesARCCore.IP; -System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[ARCCore.IKIP]-; -System.Collections.IEnumerable-

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