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_MemberCid, Created, ExceptionText, Iid, Invalid, Valid, Value, Vid
DescriptionDescribes meta data for any class (property) implementing IP.

Not necessarily stored for every property.

Can be added 'to any' property, but will result in higher memory consumption, because more complex objects will then have to be used. (For instance having to use PRich instead of PValue<T>.
See Value for more details aobout this.)

See also MemoryConsumption.
LongDescriptionIf stored as items in a Dictionary then values will be stored together with child-properties (if relevant) in the same dictionary. Example: You might have 'Customer/42/Cid = Agent/43' which will be stored alongside 'Customer/42/Firstname = John'.

Some values for this enum can be considered tags (like Cid), while other values can be considered actions taken on property (like Invalid).

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