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CardinalityDescribes how multiple instances of a property is supposed to be handled.

Originates from Cardinality.

See description of Cardinality for details

Description, LongDescription, PKTypeAttribute
DefaultValueThe default value.

Originates from DefaultValue.

Will be used by AssertIntegrity (actual property will be set to this value) if no value for actual property is given.
TODO: Consider also letting GetP look for default value instead of throwing exception (in case AssertIntegrity has not been called)

Description, LongDescription, PKTypeAttribute
IsObligatoryTrue means value is obligatory.
Originates from IsObligatory.

Used for instance by AssertIntegrity.

Description, PKTypeAttribute
TypeThe type of this Property.

Originates from Type.

Default to typeof(string) (see Initialize).

Note that normally (in entity-objects like PRich). the actual stored value is packed inside an IP instance, usually PValue<T>, so for instance if type = typeof(string) then what is actually stored will usually be a PValue<T>.
If the type is derived form IP then it is stored directly. See ConnectionInstruction for an example of this

Description, LongDescription, PKTypeAttribute

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