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PKLogAttributeExplains how logging of changes to a property should be done.
Describes mostly occasions where logging shall be restricted.

Normally when a class like PConcurrent is set up to log (like through LogContext), then every property's changes will be logged. In some cases this is too much, for instance if CountReceiveMessage was to be logged for every PropertyStream-line received, that would generate another property stream line which again would update the CountReceiveMessage value.

Utilized by for instance ActualConnection.

See also ExposingApplicationState.

See also PKLogAttributeP.

DoNotLogAtAll, EnumMember, EnumType
PKTypeAttributeContains the most basic essential information about a property key, like its description, type and cardinality.

Will always be present within an instance of PK.

See also PKTypeAttributeP.

Cardinality, EnumMember, EnumType, IsObligatory, Type

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