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_DescriptionThis enum type designates "Ordinary" enums used for indicating range of valid values for a given key
CardinalityDescribes how multiple instances of a property is supposed to be handled.

By a 'property' in this context we usually mean a PValue<T> object, in other words something that is part of a bigger entity like PRich (like how 'FirstName' or 'PhoneNumber' is part of a 'Customer' entity)
Used by for instance 1) -ParseAndStore- when building up a hierarchical object storage. 2) IP-implementations for internal arranging of properties
3) ARCAPI in order to provide API-methods

_Member, AREnumType, Description, EnumType
MultipleConnectionUsageEnables fault-tolerance by describing use of multiple connections

_Member, AREnumType, Description, EnumType, LongDescription
PropertyStreamLinePrefixDescribes some recommended prefixed to use in a PropertyStreamLine.
dt/ = data, cmd/ = command, log/ = log and doc/ = documentation.

They are not obligatory and not enforced by AgoRapide. Consider them as guidelines only. Naming is mimicking best practices used in for instance MQTT messaging.

_Member, AREnumType, Description, EnumType

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