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ArmDBA node with a 'client Subscription' towards CoreDB to a (usually) subset of the entire database (acting as a cache and filtering mechanism), or with a 'client Subscription' towards CoreDB to the whole database (acting as a cache mechanism only)

and which stores data as either:

1) PropertyStreamLines (enabling it to servere ordinary continous Subscription requests) or
2) IP (typical PRich) (enabling it to answer AdHocQuery) (the last one is not implemented as of May 2020),
Note that since the data storage mechanism in StreamProcessor works just as well inside a Client node as inside an ArmDB node, in many scenarios the Client can just subscribe directly to CoreDB. In a high-load scenario however it might be useful having a single ArmDB node serving several Client nodes in order to relieve som load in CoreDB.

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ClientAn 'end'-node with (usually) ApplicationSpecificCode but based on ARADB.

The node will either:
1) Use something like PRich for data storage and have a Subscription to ArmDB
(always being up-to-date with cached information in RAM),
2) Not use any specific permanent storage but just AdHocQuery ArmDB as needed (similar to a traditional client / database setup).

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CoreDBNormally this is a ARADB.

A node which stores data as single PropertyStreamLines and keeps track of the entire database (maybe in cooperation with other nodes of same type).

End-application specific code is typically not included in the node. The node will most probably accept Subscription from other nodes (as subscribing clients).

The general principle is to have the core nodes as simple ('as dumb') as possible, leaving to the edges to implement the rich application specific functionality (just like the Internet is built up).

Description, EnumMember, EnumType, LongDescription

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