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DescriptionAgoRapide does not give a unique identifier to every object / property (due to memory usage concerns). Instead each object / property has an id valid within a limited scope or context described by a collection of IK (as stored inside -Key).

TODO: This enum-member (IdLooseStorage) has marginal value, try to move text elsewhere and delete member.
TODO: Move for instance text to IndividualItems.

TODO: Write something about keys not being stored inside object (CustomerId is not stored inside Customer typically).

Example 1): If the scope is 'Customer' then an id for a specific customer could be '42'
Example 2): If the scope is 'Customer/42' then an id for a PhoneNumber would be either:
a) For storing only single values (see HistoryOnly):
'Customer/42/PhoneNumber = +90534333'
b) For storing multiple values (see WholeCollection):'Customer/42/PhoneNumber/+4790534333'
and so on.
LongDescriptionFor more information, see Key, IK and especially IKString which is used for storing the (usually as a sequential number) general id of everyday objects. See also PRich which uses IK for indexing the whole object storage

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