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DescriptionTODO: The inherent possibility in AgoRapide of having multiple CoreDB nodes means that synchronization between these nodes must be considered.
As of Apr 2020 the most critical issue being identified is probably how to re-synchronize nodes after some period of offline status / network outage and similar.
Also a mechanism for anointing a master-node and similar must be implemented.

TODO: There is also the issue of what happens when the core itself is unavailable. In principle the clients are perfectly capable of caching data, and sending it as soon as the core gets online again, but then there is the issue of ordering data from the different client nodes correctly into the property stream.
One possible solution to this issue might be to just state that it is unsolved and that such cached data will be put into the property stream without any coordination / ordering.

See also MultipleConnectionUsage and Sharding.

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