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DescriptionAgoRapide has roots back to 2011 when Bjørn Erling Fløtten invented panSL (SL = Schema language).

Introduced in 2012 panSL ( was an excercise in data modelling where the principle of TaggingOfPropertyKeys orginated, in that case, tagging each element of the schema in order to create a data-driven application with only 'one page' of code.
The implementation of panSL was called AgoRapide (
It had litte practical use.

In 2017 a new version of AgoRapide (, not using panSL at all, was introduced, as a 'Lightweight pragmatic integrated .NET REST API offering JSON and HTML views. Written in C# 7.0'.
This version introduced PropertyAccess and most other ARConcepts.
It was 'halfway' to implementing PropertyStream, in the sense that all data where stored as 'key, value' but was dependent on an underlying storage mechanism, like PostgreSQL.
The 2017 version has had applications within some companies, including a modestly successful IoT related company (Sikom Connect AS of Trondheim, Norway).
Its weaknesses where its monolitic structure and too much emphasis on being a REST API (meaning it was an 'all-or-nothing package', without useful single components).

The current 2020 version of AgoRapide (this version), uses .NET Core and .NET Standard.
It introduces its own storage mechanism (see StreamProcessor).
It consists of multiple mostly independent components (see ARComponents).
It is built outwards from the core component ARCCore.
Each component is kept as simple as possible. ARCCore for instance can be accessed through the concept of a Console application and it does not link to any library outside of Microsoft .NET itself.
(in general the 2020 version of AgoRapide should be ideally suited for containerization).

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