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_MemberAdHocQuery, AgoRapideHistory, ApplicationSpecificCode, AssertionsAndDetailedExceptionMessages, AvoidingRepetition, CoreDBSynchronization, DataRetention, Documentation, ExposingApplicationState, GettingStarted, IdLooseStorage, LinkInsertionInDocumentation, ManyToManyRelations, MemoryConsumption, NoRealDeletion, PropertyAccess, PropertyStream, SingleThreadedCode, StandardAgoRapideCode, TaggingOfPropertyKeys, TryPatternAndNull
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DescriptionThe overarching concepts upon which AgoRapide is built.
(and upon which your ApplicationSpecificCode hopefully also will be built).

Start here in order to familiarizing yourself with AgoRapide.

See GettingStarted.

This enum describes the overarching general concepts in AgoRapide.

LongDescriptionNote that in general this enum only describes concepts not implemented explicit under the same name (not implemented as classes / properties or similar).
(it is a DocumentationOnlyEnum enum).
As AgoRapide matures we expect some values here to be removed gradually, as some explicit implementation is done (and the corresponding text moved to that implementation).

TODO: EXPAND WITH LoadBalancing (Sharding) / FaulTolerance. TODO: (or just use Sharding, MultipleConnectionUsage).
TODO: Give examples of how these objectives may be achieved through only configuration (no code should be necessary).

TODO: Consider creating new enum CodeLocation or similar,
TOOD: comprising StandardAgoRapideCode and ApplicationSpecificCode.

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