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DescriptionContains short descriptions of the different 'official' AgoRapide components.

AgoRapide is 'infinitely' complex as a concept.
In order to make it easier for you to get started AgoRapide has been split into smaller easy-to-understand parts.
The minimum setup for you to use is the ARADB application which itself links to only one library component, -ARCCore.

All the other applications and components may be added at a later stage, as you get more familiar with the concepts and as our application matures and your needs change.

The splitting of AgoRapide into separate components actually serves multiple purposes:
1) To clearly state what are the minimum requirements / to make it easy to get started (as already explained)
2) To keep discipline when developing AgoRapide, by clearly stating the interfaces and avoiding a monolithic structure.
3) To encourage other developers to participiate in the development of AgoRapide. (By having each component in its separate (thereby smaller) repository the threshold for delegating pull-rights becomes lower for instance.).

Note that there is nothing in the way of collecting all AgoRapide component libraries into a single library (.DLL in Windows terms) called ARCComplete (preferable with the help of some automated tool). This might be the preferred approach for experienced users of AgoRapide, having all the functionality in a single package.
LongDescriptionA component may be either
a library (.DLL in Windows terms, name starting with ARC... like ARCCore), or an application (.EXE in Windows terms, name starting with ARA... like ARADB)

Much of the functionality described in the additional components will be provided in the form of classes implementing BasePKAttribute, that is keeping to the basic principle in AgoRapide of TaggingOfPropertyKeys, giving you at-a-glance information about everything essential to a given field.

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