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_DescriptionAll enums found in assembly ARCCore.
DocumentationOnlyEnumThis enum type designates enums that provide a central repository of explanation of terms that are not present in the C# code.

In other words, enums of this enum type provides a tag onto which we can hang documentation which would otherwise have no place to go, because the actual concept is not 'coded' anywhere.

-_Description-, ARComponents, ARConcepts, AREnumType, ARNodeType
OrdinaryEnumThis enum type designates "Ordinary" enums used for indicating range of valid values for a given key

-_Description-, Cardinality, MultipleConnectionUsage, PropertyStreamLinePrefix
PropertyKeyEnumDescribes relevant values for an 'entity' object like 'Customer'.
Name is entity class appended with P like for instance 'enum CustomerP'.

The most important type of enum in AgoRapide used to support TaggingOfPropertyKeys.

-_Description-, ActualConnectionP, BaseAttributeP, ClassAttributeP, ClassMemberAttributeP, ConnectionInstructionP, EnumAttributeP, EnumMemberAttributeP, PConcurrentP, PKLogAttributeP, PKTypeAttributeP, PP, StorageFileP, StreamProcessorP
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