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_MemberAPIMethod, ToString
BaseTypesARCCore.PConcurrent; ARCAPI.BaseController
DescriptionExecutes a REST like query request against the given DataStorage.

This class understands two main query-methods, 1) Direct key-based into data storage, and 2) QueryExpression based.

1) Direct key-based into data storage:
Some query-examples:
'Customer/42' => Get all the keys for Customer with id 42, but do not get sub-keys.
'Customer/42/*' => Get all the keys for Customer with id 42, and also all underlying sub-keys (and their sub-keys and so on).
Append query with '.html' in order to get HTML (default is JSON) .
For HTML this controller is able to do LinkInsertionInDocumentation, presumed that necessary potential links are present in PotentialHTMLLinks.

2) QueryExpression based.
Some query-examples:
'Customer/WHERE FirstName = John/SELECT FirstName, LastName/SKIP 10/TAKE 10'
(see QueryExpression for more examples).

InterfacesARCCore.IP; -System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[ARCCore.IKIP]-; -System.Collections.IEnumerable-

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