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_MemberAPIMethod, ToString
BaseTypesARCCore.PConcurrent; ARCAPI.BaseController
DescriptionParses a PropertyStreamLine.
Sends to ExternalReceiver if given.
Adds to the given DataStorage unless DoNotStoreInternally is specified.

TODO: Support use of Query for adding values to multiple entities at once.
TODO: like 'Add/std/Customer/WHERE FirstName = John/NameEvaluation = NiceName'
InterfacesARCCore.IP; -System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[ARCCore.IKIP]-; -System.Collections.IEnumerable-
LongDescriptionHint: You can test input validation by using the inbuilt Apple class of ARCDoc.
(assuming that the Apple class is included in AllIPDerivedTypes.)
Example queries:
api/Add/std/Apple/1/Colour = Red // Should succeed
api/Add/std/Apple/1/Colour = Redd // Should fail
api/Add/std/Apple/1/Color = Red // Should fail but does not as of Jun 2020. TODO: Add attribute limiting to known properties.

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